Master of Ceremony - Important Roles

We’ve seen ‘em, we’ve heard ‘em, and why you could use one.

Your MC (formally known as a Master of Ceremony) is an individual that instigates a good flow of transitioning between different parts of the evening as well as conversation with your wedding guests. 


Their Duty

As the Bride/Groom, you’re too busy enjoying your special night and soaking up every bit of it - as you should! That’s why, during reception time, you dub your MC the powerful role of dictating the flow of the program. Your MC is in likely in charge of the following so that you can enjoy your night:

  • Introductions. Introducing the bridal party and newlyweds.

  • Entertainment. Examples of this would be games throughout the night that the guests can participate in and even putting their comedic skills to the test!

  • Announcements. Calling table numbers for buffet-style dinners, performances, traditional dances, or last call.

  • Speeches. Introducing and calling up those that will be doing a speech or a toast.

  • House Keeping. Letting guests know information such as the location of the guestbook table, restrooms, and most importantly, stressing the importance of not drinking and driving.

  • Setting the Pace. Navigating guests through the program throughout the night and being mindful of the timeline.

Quick Tips

Pick someone that is appropriate. Lets face it, you have to know and understand your audience; therefore, choose someone that can be both entertaining and cognizant of the elderly, the young, and the conservative. This leads me to my next piece of advice: choose someone with a good sense of humour! You want to pick someone that you feel can get the crowd laughing, but in the most natural and magnetic way. This also brings me to my next point: Don’t force it. You want someone who will be confident, reliable, and willing to take on this amazing role in your wedding. They should be thrilled and enthusiastic!

So sit back, r e l a x, and PARTY IT OUT! After all, this day is all about YOU!

- CP